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At 11 years, girls in rural Kenya are engaging in sex for the mere reason of getting sanitary pads and other small goodies. A recent case is where over 10 girls were impregnated at a school in Baringo.
Take, for instance, Margret who became pregnant at the age of fourteen. ”A friend to my brother came to visit us one day and he requested me to escort him because my brother was not around. It was at dusk and the moment we approach a bushy area he told me of his undying love and forced me to have sex with him,” she says. She did not report the issue because the man promised to always give her some money. Today Margret is still bringing up the child that was conceived out of that encounter with a man she trusted.

A shocking statistics by Kenya bureau of statistics indicated that 37 per cent of girls and 44 per cent of boys aged 15-19 years are having sex. This number is alarming and it’s becoming a must that parents should get involved in their children’s life.
Parents no longer need to fold their hands and think that their children are in the right hands of their teachers. Every parent should ensure they take the appropriate measures to reduce the teenage sex.

Measures to reduce teenage sex
a)    Offer realistic sex education to children
The time to tell girls that men are bad is gone. Girls and boys should be educated on the changes they expect to face as they grow up. Give the appropriate measure to deal with changes. Continuing to bury our heads in the soil and assuming that every teenage is well informed should end.

b)    Create an interactive session
A detailed discussion with Margret revealed that her parents were adamantly strict. At no specific time did her parents talk to her about social matter, in fact during her pregnancy the father never said a single word to her. Had her parent opened a light discussion at least she could have been aware of her rights and even opened up after the rape

c)    Reduce idle time by encouraging simple but beneficial leisure activity
An idle mind is the devil workshop. The vigor and strength in young people should be channeled to right activities. It does not have to be expensive. For instance encourage your teen to come up with an idea that would improve his life and support them. It could be in sports, farming or even art.

d)    Expose them to the negative  and positive impact of media/internet
Every young person is always ready to accept new ideas. The sad thing is that most ideas they get are from media or internet. Often the content in most television programme have no reality in them. Parents should learn to give counsel at the appropriate time without raising any negative prejudice.

e)    Find a mentor to inspire their live
Mentorship programmes are very vital in every person life. The idea of approaching someone who inspires the young adults can quite impressive in shaping their future. The mentors could be family members or friends

f)    Encourage religious activities
A society without the fear of God is doomed to fail. Training a child in the ways of the Lord creates a godly basis for every person. However parents should not over indulge the activities. Leading by example should be their priority.

g)    Reduce the cases of absentee mothers/fathers
The harsh economic conditions are making parents toil up and down looking for money to sustain their family. Although this is important, every parent should invest some time to be with their children because soon children grow up and leave the house to start their own life. If one is in busy schedule let you employer know the need to have off days or for the self employed get assistants.

In conclusion, family is the backbone of every society. If the young people are not given the right direction then we can be sure that nothing much will be expected in future. The impact a parent has on their children will go down many generations to come. Parents can never prevent their children from making their testimony but constant prayer and guidance will help them become what God intended for them

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