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1.    Darshan Chandaria
       Director-Chandaria Industries
At only 28 years Mr.Chandaria has proved that an innovative mind set can lead to accelerated growth even in already established companies. Under his vision for diversification he has seen the Chandaria group enter into food and beverage, real estate and solar generation. According to him the technological advancement is a good platform not just to get information to access most relevant information. Every business leader should have a global mindset and have a higher self confidence. In addition to the key leadership skills Mr.Chandaria emphasis the need to mentor young entrepreneur and providing support to create a better society

2.    Tabitha Karanja
Tabitha is an epitome to thousands of women and girls who believe in big dreams and vision. As the of the founder of Keroche Breweries, the first ever beer factory to be owned by a Kenyan Tabitha has overcome many challenges including competition from multinationals, high taxation and political distractions from powered government officials. She portrays that resilience and hard work can bear much result regardless of which sectors one ventures into. Having seen the business which she started with little capital grow into a multi-billion shilling firm  Karanja encourages everyone that the sky is the limit.

3.     Narendra Raval
        CEO-Devki Group of Companies
Mr.Raval started the company at the age of 20 years with a capital of only 10,000 shillings.Out of a desire to make it in life his company has over the years grown and by 2014 the company’s sales stand at around 42.5 billion and has over 4,000 employees. Raval is a living example that you don’t have to score high grades, get a well-paying job in order to be successful. In fact he believes that a C student will employ an A student. Research and development is one of the areas where his company spends a lot of money on. For any development to be made there is a need to look at long term and short term needs of the people. His parting word of advice was “Never over borrow and always take suggestions from your workers.

4.    Munir Ahmed

       Managing Director-National Bank of Kenya

Munir Ahmed took the role of Managing Director in August 2012.At that time the Bank was hardly making any profits. Currently under his leadership the company had a 57 percent growth in 2013.As an effective leader Munir was able to see the untapped potential in the banking industry. In order to thrive change, it’s important to develop transformational programmes that are based on real and practical problems. Out of his experience Munir pointed out that education and academic qualification is just an entry point. The focus should be to seek knowledge and continuous equipping of one’s skills to help in building a clear career.

5.    Maina Wandere

       CEO-Wanderjoy Party World Ltd

Maina Wandere is one of the CEO who clearly shows that every person is destined for greatness. After working for 20 years he started a success company that offers event organizing services to top notch clientele. Wandere emphasis the important of education and points that by doing professional courses one can be able to improve their skills. His major advice to the young people is that every person should write their vision, pray for it, act on it, have patience and never lose hope .One of his outstanding quote is that “To open a shop is easy but to keep it epn is an art|”.

6.    Dan Awendo

       Founder & C.E.O, Investeq capital

Dan Awendo founded Investeq Capital to help entrepreneur acquire finances to run their businesses .His story is interesting because after finishing high school he begun selling second hand clothes, then latter worked as an accountant and still had other several business aside. As he empowers entrepreneurs by providing them innovative finances his customers base have grown more four thousand. In 2011 his company was among the 10 finalist during the African Entrepreneurship Awards. He strongly believes in hard work, team work, resilience and risk taking. As entrepreneur he champions for the idea that development and support of young entrepreneurs builds a healthy economy as jobs are created, children go to school and every person becomes relevant in the place they live.


7. Jiteesh Shah

    C.E.O F&S Scientific

F&S Scientific was started by Jiteesh Shah in 1983 with only one employee. However with passion and good leadership the company has grown to be big distributers of instruments and consumable for laboratories in Research and Industry. He believes that successful leaders have long term visions, recognizes the talent from others, nurtures and helps to develop those talents and skills. As an economist he has come to learn that an organization is as strong as its weakest member.

8.    Dr.Gideon Muriuki

       CEO Co-operative Bank Group

Dr Gideon Muriuki has been recognized by various institutions for his exemplary leadership that has taken Co-operative bank to a better level. He was awarded the Bank C.E.O of the year by international Banker magazine.He cites that leaders should engage the youth so as to identify the generational engagement and expectations. He also expects modern business leaders to be skilled in diplomacy, have customer focus and ability to define a vision for an enterprise and live the vision. Dr Muriuki points out that the values of business leadership are unchangeable but the competencies required to handles the changes are always varying.

9.    Mr.Frank Ireri

       Managing Director-Housing Finance

Mr Frank Ireri . the Alliance High School alumni joined Housing Finance when it was literally going down. He was able to foster teamwork, implemented strategies based on innovations and he got rid of the laid back culture of the company and as a result Housing finance is ten times more profitable. Mr Ireri believes that when in leadership positions one should not let idea of ‘big position’ get into the head, but rather one should keep the feet firmly rooted to the ground. Hiring people who are better mean no competition to him, rather it is these people who make things happen. Out of experience from Citi Bank, CBA and Bacrlays Bank his advance is simple “Develop your brand and you will never go wrong

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